Want to Know Body Health Conditions, Try to Check Your Stool

All substances that are not needed by the body will be excreted when urinating or defecating, in the form of urine and feces or stool. Through observation of faeces, you can get a picture of the health condition of the body, especially the digestive tract. To find out if the body has a problem, one way is to check the color and texture of the stool. Stool examination can be done in a hospital or laboratory to determine whether there is interference with your digestive tract. The color of the stool and its meaning Before being released in the form of feces, the food you consume will go through a digestion process first. The duration of this process varies from person to person, but normally is two to three days. Similarly, the frequency of disposal of the remaining substances. Some people defecate once a day up to three times a day. Generally, healthy stool is brown and shaped like a sausage, with a soft or dense texture. In addition, faeces should also be easy to remove and not s
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